Leadership Seminars

My leadership seminars and workshops are fun, fast-paced and highly interactive. The day is paced with facilitated discussions, creative group exercises and immersive activities. There are no spectators in my workshops. Every participant is fully engaged throughout the workshop.

I create customized workbooks for the participants of each leadership development, communication or confidence workshop/seminar. The workbook includes key concepts and learning points from the workshop as well as worksheets for individual and group exercises during the workshop. The workshop also includes a self-assessments tool based on the Energy Leadership Index assessment that only an ELI- MP can administer.

All participants must take this assessment before attending the workshop/seminar.
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After the workshop for personal development all participants are sent home with homework and I will personally follow up with all participants. These tools can be managed and incorporated into your own in-house leadership development program.

Combine your workshop with one-on-one coaching for selected individuals. I can structure a leadership development-coaching program for any of your managers, supervisors or star performers.

My coaching programs combine telephone coaching with on-site face-to-face coaching, designed to help individuals through specific leadership challenges. I design each program to fit the individual’s leadership development needs.

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I was addicted to smoking for 40 years. Through Coaching with Kay I was able to quit smoking and have been a non smoker for the last 1 and 1/2 years. Some days can be challenging , thankfully I have developed the skills to help me maintain.

M Flannery